Japanese tea shop at TOYAMA


Our shop is a long-established teahouse “Nagae Toseien” that has been in Hokuriku Toyama for over 130 years.

Please enjoy the taste and aroma of the teahouse, which has been loved by everyone since the Meiji era, and the feelings of the owner who have inherited it.

Words of the second shop owner

The head office “Nagae Toseien” (commonly known as) is the only long-established tea shop in Toyama prefecture that was founded in 1897.

Since our founding, we have not carried out any flashy advertising activities, and our motto is to provide delicious Japanese tea that is customer-oriented at the lowest possible price.

The main products of our business are all domestic green tea and bancha, but in particular, “Nagae’s Tomosiraga”, which is well known all over the country, is the only main product of the main store, and the sweetness of “Karigane” sprinkled with Uji matcha. We accept orders for a wide range of unique flavors from all over the country.

We sincerely look forward to your order from those who love Japanese tea.

(Left: 4th generation / Right: 3rd generation shopkeeper)

Popular product “Nagae’s Tomosiraga”

Our most popular “TomoShiraga” is a blend of Kabusekarigane and Shizuoka tea with Uji matcha, and you can enjoy a refreshing and mellow sweetness.

People who are not good at the bitterness of green tea can enjoy it, and many people have been drinking it for many years.

This “Yangtze friend white hair” is a tea that the founder “Shinji Nagae” devised by trial and error, “Is there a way to drink cheap Karigane more deliciously?” Will be.

Please try “Nagae’s Tomosiraga” with your family, friends, and close friends until you have white hair and want to enjoy it for a long time.



Nagae Shoten Co., Ltd. Nagae Toseien

2-2-11 Yanagimachi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, 930-0016

From Toyama Station
・25 minutes on foot
・5 minutes by car (* Please note that the road in front of the store is a one-way street.)
・Take the Toyama Chiho Railway bus (for Higashi High School, Namerikawa, Mizuhashimachi, etc.) for 15 minutes, get off at the Kitashinmachi stop, and walk for 2 minutes.
* If you come by car, there is no parking lot, so please park in front of the store.

Phone number

*Please note that we do not speak English.

Business hours

Mon-Fri 9: 30-18: 00
Saturday 9: 30-17: 00

Regular holiday

Sundays and public holidays (Other Golden Week, Obon, year-end and New Year holidays available)
* If you are uncertain, we recommend that you contact us before coming to the store.


* Please note that the road in front of the store is a one-way street.
* If you come by car, please park in front of the store.